Q: I’m surprised by how low your quotes are, how can you offer such cheap print without the quality suffering?

A: It’s all about time and efficiency. After more than a decade in this business we’ve streamlined our processes and software to such a degree that everything happens phenomenally fast. Our printers are selected for their quality commitment, but they’re also fully integrated into the PrintBuyer.net hub.

Q: We need to produce all kinds of print, and it needs to be relatively local to us. Can PrintBuyer.net deliver what we need?

A: Our printers are geared up to handle all kinds of print, from a couple of hundred bespoke items to leaflets by the million. Geographically, we’re evenly spread around the UK, so timings and logistics are never a problem.

Q: As a print broker I’m interested in offering a system like yours. Is that a no-no for you?

A: More of a yes-yes actually. You can ‘badge’ PrintBuyer.net with your own identity, tailor it to your business model and enjoy the benefits of a highly refined, proven system from Day One.

Q: The service sounds great, so how much is it going to cost us?

A: FREE. Yes, you get a comprehensive print management system for free. We generate our revenue from printer commissions on orders.

Q: Quality is really imperative to us, how can we be sure your printers match our standards?

A: Our roster of printers is carefully compiled. We only include companies with a clear track record of consistent excellence, plus the systems and attitude to maintain quality on an ongoing basis.

Q: What exactly is a ‘tenderizer’?

A: This is a really handy time saving tool. The Tenderizer allows you to upload a tender for the system to do the calculations automatically.

Q: Can I bring my own printers in to quote through the system?

A: Very easily. Once you’ve received your prices through the ‘Quote Summary’ page, click on the option to ‘send to non-Speedquote printers’. Fill in their email address and basic details and the quote specification will be automatically sent to them.

Q: What’s the reason for having ‘instant prices’ and ‘bespoke’ prices?

A: PrintBuyer.net is designed to provide instant prices whenever possible. But if the printer has not set up an instant quote response for a particular job, it will be submitted to them as a bespoke quote. When the printer comes back with the quote, you’ll be immediately notified, and it will be posted in your Quote Archive along with the other prices supplied.

Q: Can I get a combined price when I have a number of jobs being produced together?

A: Yes. Simply set up a ‘Project’, then when you come to do the quote, select the designated project in the heading ‘Projects’. Add further quotes as you go, and the system will present you with a combined price whenever you access that project file.

Q: I prefer to use a letter format to send quotes to my customers – is this an option?

A: Letters are no problem, and it’s quick and easy too. Go to ‘Letter Options’ and set up your template with a default text, logo and signature. Having done this once, everytime you select ‘Create Letter’ on the Quote Summary page, simply choose the customer and change the price and text as necessary.

Q: How do I upload a logo for the quote letter or other documentation?

A: It’s a simple matter of using the ‘Browse’ option in ‘Letter Options’, choosing the logo and size and adding your selection to the document.

Q: Does PrintBuyer.net include a job bag system?

A: Yes. One is automatically created whenever you click on ‘Order’. Or you can create one on the Quote Summary page by clicking on the ‘Job Bag’ button.

Q: What about purchase orders – how are they created?

A: You can easily create POs from the Quote Summary page or from ‘Jobs’.

Q: What if I need to edit the price on the order form?

A: Change to contact [email protected].

Q: Can I add charges or discounts to the job?

A: No problem, just select ‘Additional Charges’ from the job bag.

Q: How do I send big artwork files to the printer?

A: Simply Upload a file when you place an order or anytime after an order has been placed in order archive. You will see a Printer Branded upload page to select up to 10 files max 2gb. Simply send your files not hassle with FTP or other file transfer options.

Q: Monitoring job progress is part of our quality system – can I track jobs with PrintBuyer.net?

A: Naturally. Just go to the ‘Tracking’ option and you’ll get the scheduled delivery date and any comments relating to the job.

Q: How do I leave feedback on a given printer?

A: There’s a ‘your feedback required’ option in your Order Archive.

Q: Can we access the history of any particular project?

A: PrintBuyer.net includes an auditing function, so you can discover which process was performed by whom. Just search by user, process, customer, supplier, product and timeframe to quickly get the information you need.

Q: The CRM function sounds useful – how does it work?

A: You simply go to ‘Customers’ and update the record of conversations and meetings, plus you can add in callback dates. The Customer Archive will then organize the record in call back date order.

Q: How does PrintBuyer.net’s template system work?

A: Our software partners Vpress take care of templating. Once you have created a template with them, it’s easy for you or your customers to create versions from the template. The job can then be proofed, ordered and sent as finished artwork to the printer.