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  • Gain expert, timely advice on any spec and the printer best suited to the task
  • Handpicked UK printers provide a wide spread of abilities, total quality and keen pricing.
  • Work with people who understand the issues you face, and offer the solutions you can really use
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Q: I’m surprised by how low your quotes are, how can you offer such cheap print without the quality suffering?

A: It’s all about time and efficiency. After more than a decade in this business we’ve streamlined our processes and software to such a degree that everything happens phenomenally fast. Our printers are selected for their quality commitment, but they’re also fully integrated with the PrintBuyer MO too. So quoting and delivering on your spec is as efficient (and therefore as cost effective) as it gets.

Q: We need to produce all kinds of print, and it needs to be relatively local to us. Can PrintBuyer deliver what we need?

A: Our printers are geared up to handle all kinds of print, from a couple of hundred bespoke items to leaflets by the million. Geographically, we’re evenly spread around the UK, so timings and logistics are never a problem.

Q: As a print broker I’m interested in offering a system like yours. Is that a no-no for you?

A: More of a yes-yes actually. You can ‘badge’ PrintBuyer Network with your own identity, tailor it to your business model and enjoy the benefits of a highly refined, proven system from Day One.

Q: The service sounds great, so how much is it going to cost us?

A: FREE. Yes, you get a comprehensive print management system for free. We generate our revenue from printer commissions on orders.

Q: Quality is really imperative to us, how can we be sure your printers match our standards?

A: Our roster of printers is carefully compiled. We only include companies with a clear track record of consistent excellence, plus the systems and attitude to maintain quality on an ongoing basis.

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